GTN Automatic Lockstitch Shirt Indexer

  • Fully Programmable Hole Spacing
  • Stores up to 15 Pre-Set Programs
  • Stacker Setting for Various Lengths are Stored with Pre-set programs
  • Electronic Operator Display o Pulse Motor Controlled Belt Feed
  • Available on Brother Machine HE800A

Increase Your Production

  • On average one indexer, producing 6 holes (3/4” hole / 90 stitches) in an 8 hour shift can produce 1200 shirts

Standard Machine Specifications

  • Number of Holes 1~10
  • Hole Spacing does not need to be equal amounts
  • A: Minimum- 10mm/Maximum- 650mm
  • B: Minimum- 10mm/ Maximum- 150mm
  • C: Minimum- 10mm/ Maximum 650mm
  • 60lbs Compressed Air
  • Panasonic Operator Display
  • Movable & Operator Friendly

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