Lunapress CP-215A

Shirt Cuff, Turn and Press Machine

  • Unique holding pin system to hold cuff after press (first press) while cuff blade slides out prior to main press (second press).
  • Cuff blade available for loading while main press is taking place, increasing production.
  • 3-direction air flow to blow pressed cuff to front collector rack after press cycle.
  • Patented pull-down device under cuff die, to hold cuff in place, ensuring that the stitch line on the turned pressed cuff is always in the center. This prevents beading when the cuff is topstitched.
  • Operation with either hand- or -foot- control, at operator’s option.
  • Specially designed expanding device to allow the pressing of many sizes of cuffs without having to change the dies. Width adjustment is quick by simply adjusting two screws.
  • High pressure cylinder for pressing even the toughest fused fabric.
  • Foot pedal controls mounted on a specially designed strain relief panel to reduce operator fatigue.
  • For cuffs press up to 45 mm (deep). Also available CP-215B for cuffs press up to 85 mm (deep).

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