NEW HRK – 100 Ultrasonic Welder


The new ultrasonic welding machine from The Fox Company offers a fast, affordable machine for ultrasonically welding a vast array of different type materials. It has adjustable pressure at the welding point, variable speed control and you can quickly and easily change welding wheels for different looks and finishes.

It does an excellent job on many of the materials used in PPE production. With Personal Protective Equipment now in demand more than ever, this affordable machine can increase your production at a time when it is needed most. With more and more fabrics being engineered out of new materials, welding is fast becoming the preferred way to close and join many seams that used to be sewn. This technology is projected to increase many times over in the coming years.


          Multi-Functional: Welding, sealing, cutting, slitting, forming or embossing.

          Perfect sealing without glue, thread or other consumables.

          Faster than conventional sewing machine speeds.

          Seaming in one process.

          No smoke or sparks associated, such as with high frequency or heat seal.

          Available in continuous curve or straight work seaming.

          Many Roller Patterns available.

          Easy operation with no special training needed.


          Output Power                    1200 Watts

          Frequency                         20KHz

          Size                                   48′ L x 22″ W x 40″ H

          Weight                               325 lbs

          Power                                120-240 Volts, 1 Phase

          Maximum Pattern Width    50 mm

          Standard Speeds               0-18 meters per minute

          Material Thickness             .03-2.0 mm thick


          Anvil 2.5″ 130 degree sharp

          20KHz Horn Titanium flat faced with carbide face (slug)

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